Ricercato among the seven Italian excellences for style and quality.

The period of the Italian music festival in Sanremo has been lucky for us. We have been awarded, along with six other companies, for representing Italian style.

During the 3rd edition of the award “Eccellenza d’Italia”, conceived by Tiziano Cavellieri, who is going from success to success, from Sanremo to Venice, with requests from London, Montecarlo, Rome and United States, we have been selected as one of the seven Italian excellences.

The event has been presented by the charming Cristina Buccino, who has literally enchanted the audience, together with Max Brigante, the showman of Radio 105. A very glamour evening, marked by the location and the outfits of the stars attending the event.

Apart from Ricercato, six other companies have been awarded, as energy drink gold, 2bekini, Sicilian food, Benheart, PastaPlanet e Zelos’ Montecarlo.

A sea of admirers during the afterparty held by Radio105 and Zelo’s to welcome the other guests, such as Morgan, Dear Jack, from the Ariston theatre, the stars of the basketball and volleyball, Valentina Vignali and Veronica Angeloni, and the showgirl Francesca Brambilla. Lots of djs offered a good ambiance, with Max Brigante at the top of the scene, Edoardo Loconsole (Zelo’s), dj Robert Blues and the top model dj Lucia Senasiova.