Ricercato at the National Film Festival

On occasion of the well known event in Benevento, the National Film Festival (Festival nazionale del cinema e della television), we held a little exposition of our creations.

A six-day event, full of shows, interviews and meetings with the prominent figures of the Italian cinema, in a wonderful town… up to the expectations.
The good suit, the one for the feast and the big occasions… we took care of it!

We showed a little part of our testers of the last year: you can find them on this website.

We took a great satisfaction from this experience: lots of acknowledgements from clients, inquisitive minds,  aficionados of tailoring.

A traditional proverb says “Nessun profeta lo é in patria”, which means that we are not able to elicit interest in our own country,  but this time we are the exception that proves the rule!