Comparing high craftmenship: meeting with the Master

On the 27th July, we had the honour of greeting in our atelier the artisan Antonio Marchitto.

Born in Puglianello, our artisan has gained the opportunity to design outfits for the English royal family and other prominent people from screen and political background all over the world.


“Born in Puglianello in 1950, Antonio Marchitto, since his childhood, spent his afternoon learning the art of tailoring from the most important craftmen of the village: when he was 19, he opened his first aterlier, where he realized his first custom-tailored suits.
The qualitative leap came in 1973, when he decided to move to London with his wife.
After the first troubles, he became an appreciated tailor between the most important one of Savile Roe, working in prestigious atelier as Turnbull&Asser and Anderson&Sheppard.
From now on, he started realizing suits for prince Charles, who was fascinated by Antonio’s skills and the charme of its suits.
After a little time, prince Charles asked Antonio to work at the royal palace.
In the following years, Antonio became the first consultant of the royal family, realizing new suits for prince Charles, the uniform for the football team of Chelsea and English national cricket team and then for Henry Kissinger, Liam Neeson, Nicola Bulgari, the Elkan family among others.

The Italian Republic awarded his work with the Stella al merito di Maestro del Lavoro.

In our atelier the artisan Antonio Marchitto and our Amedeo De Crecchio worked together for several hours comparing long-forgotten crafts and newest methods.
We wish to warmfully thank Antonio for his time: a lesson of perfection but of humility, first of all.